Project roadmap

Follow the Streamr project's progress through the various development milestones; MonkCorea, Brubeck and Tatum. Future milestones are at top, past achievements below. For more details, check out the Dev Update blog posts or the Trello board.

2022 Tatum

  • Earn DATA by running a node
  • Require DATA payments from users

2021 Brubeck

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Basic shared key distribution and revocation
  • Trusted parties can run nodes
  • Network topology optimizations
  • Still free, but proof of stake required beyond basic use

2020 Corea

  • First P2P version, but all nodes run by Streamr
  • Performance testing, metrics collection, and comparisons
  • Random network topology per stream controlled by trackers
  • Basic network topology optimizations
  • Stream partitioning & stream-level data retention period

2019 Monk

  • Ethereum key-based identity and authentication
  • Tamper-proof data with data signing & message chaining
  • Protocol improvements preparing for P2P Network release

2018 Monk

  • Integration to Marketplace
  • Stability and scalability improvements
  • R&D work started for P2P milestone

2017 Launch

  • Scalable centralized pub/sub infrastructure
  • Based on Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, and Streamr components
  • JavaScript client library