Project roadmap

The complete DATA tokenomics have now been released with "Streamr 1.0" - the final milestone in the Streamr Roadmap. Streamr node operators secure and relay data on streams associated to Sponsorships. Delegators delegate to Operators and earn a revenue share of the Operator's work in return.

Checkout the What comes next blog post to learn more about the current product roadmap.

Q1/2024 Streamr 1.0

  • DATA tokenomics fully deployed
  • Sponsors create Sponsorships to incentivise Operators
  • Delegators stake on Operators to share revenue
  • Network goes trackerless


  • Streamr Hub
  • Gasless (metatransaction) support
  • Decentralized encryption key storage


  • Non-custodial mining
  • Multichain Marketplace
  • Data Unions 3.0
  • Faster and more scalable key exchange

H1/2022 Brubeck

  • Network is decentralized!
  • Anyone can run nodes
  • Streamr SDK and Streamr nodes
  • Node Operators can earn DATA by running Streamr nodes
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Automatic encryption key exchange

2020 Corea

  • P2P architecture finalized, all nodes still run by Streamr
  • Performance testing, metrics collection, and comparisons
  • Random network topology per stream controlled by trackers
  • Stream partitioning & stream-level data retention period
  • Data Unions framework launched

2019 Monk

  • Ethereum key-based identity and authentication
  • Tamper-proof data with data signing & message chaining
  • Protocol improvements preparing for P2P Network release


  • Marketplace launch
  • Stability and scalability improvements
  • R&D work started for P2P milestone

2017 Launch

  • Scalable centralized pub/sub infrastructure
  • JavaScript client library
  • Core UI for managing Streamr resources