Project roadmap

Follow the Streamr project's progress through the various development milestones; MonkCorea, Brubeck and Tatum. Future milestones are at top, past achievements below. For more details, check out the Dev Update blog posts or the Trello board.

2022 Tatum

  • Release Tatum milestone
  • Token incentives — earn DATA by running a node
  • Using the Network requires token payments
  • Project governance handed over to DAO

Q3-4 2021 Brubeck

  • Release Brubeck milestone
  • Decentralization — anyone can now run nodes
  • Using the Network requires token staking
  • On-chain stream registry
  • Trusted protocol interfaces on your own nodes

Q1-2 2021 Brubeck

  • Release Data Union 2.0 framework
  • Decentralized governance voting
  • Brubeck testnet

2020 Brubeck

  • Data Union framework released
  • Scalability & Performance whitepaper
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Automatic key exchange protocol for easier encryption

2019 Corea

  • Released Corea milestone
  • First P2P version, with nodes still run by Streamr team
  • Ethereum key-based identity and authentication
  • Tamper-proof data with data signing & message chaining
  • Random graph topology per stream controlled by trackers
  • Partitioning for scaling high-volume streams

2018 Monk

  • Marketplace application released
  • Buying and selling of data products
  • Free data products for open data

2017 Monk

  • Project crowdfunding and token launch
  • Monk milestone — scalable centralized pub/sub