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The decentralized platform for real‑time data

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Distribute unstoppable data streams over a global open source peer-to-peer network and help build the new data economy. Discover new ethical business models for user data with scalable crowdsourced data sets — Data Unions.

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Why use Streamr?

Data monetization

Crowdsourced datasets

Unlock the value of user data without setting up your own custom infrastructure. A Data Union is a crowdsourced dataset, sold on the Streamr Marketplace, with providers incentivised via micropayments. An easy creation flow and simple analytics provided by the Core app puts the power of Data Unions at your fingertips.

Create valuable datasets with full user permission
Reward your users by sharing data revenue
Incentivise creation of hard-to-get data
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Plug and play data transport

P2P real-time data network

Connect your data streams to a global, neutral data fabric. The Streamr Network is a robust, massively scalable peer-to-peer network for transporting machine data with the pub/sub pattern.

Deliver end-to-end encrypted data points to thousands of subscribers in under 400ms globally, without trusted middlemen. Nodes earn crypto by providing bandwidth. Data integration is as easy as five lines of code.

streamr.publish('my-stream-id', {
    temperature: 25.4,
    humidity: 10,
    happy: true

Blockchain security

Built on Ethereum

Streamr uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to secure payments and data permissions. DATA, an ERC-20 standard token, is used for settlement and to incentivize network nodes to provide bandwidth for data transport.

The most proven smart contract blockchain
No need for any middlemen in your payment process
Reward crowds of data providers with micropayments

Streamr in use

Case Study — Tracey

A partnership between The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, UnionBank and Streamr's consultancy partner TX is working on Tracey, an app for fishermen that will use blockchain for documenting and verifying catch and traceability data. The provided data can then be used by financial institutions such as UnionBank to conduct credit assessments to be able to provide micro loans to the fishermen.

Case Study — Swash

A browser extension called Swash has become the world's first digital Data Union. Introduced at Mozfest in London in October 2019, Swash allows users to capture their browsing data, and then sell it in real-time via a Data Union on the data Marketplace, with one‑to‑many micropayments enabled by Streamr's Monoplasma technology.

Case Study — Machine Witness

As part of the The Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA)’s Smart E-Mobility Challenge, Streamr partnered with Bosch Software Innovations and Riddle & Code, on a pilot project that gathered a range of electric vehicle data and shared it openly in real-time. The project was awarded a Silver medal at the TioTA awards.

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The DATA Token

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The DATA token is an ERC-20 token used across the Streamr platform. It is used for payments on the Marketplace, and it will power the incentive mechanism on the Streamr Network from the Tatum milestone. There is a total supply of around 1 billion DATA, and it is trading on many major exchanges.