The Streamr Ecosystem

Streamr collaborates with a number of other organisations in all kinds of ways. From formal partnerships to simpler collaborations, DAO and consortia memberships, and a range of service and ecosystem partners. Explore our collaborations here and if you would like to propose a collaboration and get featured here, please drop us an email.

Web3 ecosystem


Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Streamr uses the Ethereum blockchain to secure and verify data streams on its network, as well as for payments in its native, ERC-20 DATA token.

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Polygon is an open-source, Ethereum scaling solution that utilizes a network of side chains to increase transaction throughput and lower costs. Streamr uses Polygon, to improve the speed and scalability of its network. In addition, Streamr runs a Polygon validator node that helps to secure the Polygon network.

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Streamr uses the Gnosis chain to host Data Unions and to monetise data on the Network.

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Streamr ecosystem projects utilize the Helium network for decentralized coverage and connectivity for their IoT devices. Streamr pairs with Helium to then securely share and monetize those data flows in real time.

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Compatibility with existing decentralized decentralized storage is an inevitable step forward for the Streamr Network. Real time data flows will be able to rest at decentralized storage solutions such as Arweave in the near future.

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The Streamr Network has a liveness requirement for private streaming data - for the key exchange to succeed, both the data publishers and data subscribers must be online at the same time. Lit connects with Streamr to remove this liveness requirement by securely taking shared custody of the publisher's keys to enable access to the data flows, independent of the data publisher's connected status.

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Kyve securely co-ordinates and validates decentralized networks of nodes. In Streamr's case, these nodes will be responsible for performing and validating the movement of data from Streamr data streams to various decentralized storage solutions. Data archived with Kyve is also indexed, such that data can be queried through a GraphQL interface.

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Leading centralised exchange with active trading of the DATA token

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Leading decentralised exchange providing a sizable liquidity pool for decentralised trading of the DATA token.

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Streamr project participates in Messari's open source disclosure registry as part of a committment to transparency and good governance.

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Oracles can use Streamr as a data source to deliver data to smart contracts via an integration built by Chainlink.

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Built on Streamr


RedStone delivers frequently updated, reliable and diverse data for dApps and smart contracts. RedStone uses Streamr as their layer-0 data transport for their oracle network.

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Pave Motors

Pave is building lightweight electric bikes unlocked with ERC-721 tokens, with each bike relaying its metrics data via the Streamr Network, offering a new decentralized business model for mobility.

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The world's first Data Union, Swash allows its users to get paid in crypto to browse the web. They have seed funding from Outlier Ventures.

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Streamr technology is being used by the consortium working on Kraken, a EU Horizon 2020 project to build a data marketplace for personal data in the health and education sectors.

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DIMO is the first Data Union for real-time vehicle data. DIMO is an extensible, scalable open IoT software platform that allows drivers to stream their vehicle data in exchange for tokens.

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Re-public is a mobile app that lets you manage, collect and monetize your personal data. This is made possible by leveraging Streamr's Data Union framework.

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Monetize your own banking data with Unbanks, the world's first consumer banking data union.

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Institutions and DAOs


The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability. Streamr is a member due to its participation in the Tracey project run by TX.

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API3 enables blockchain native, decentralized APIs. Streamr is to participate in the governance of the API3 DAO. It will integrate with the API3 platform to provide data streams to their protocol.

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Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)

Consortium members of the KRAKEN Project. FBK contributes to user research for the definition of user stories and in conducting user-centred validations of KRAKEN's interactive solutions.

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Consortium members of the KRAKEN project. The R&D company XLAB are building the privacy-preserving data analytics algorithms that will be integrated with the KRAKEN data marketplace.

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Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)

Consortium members of the KRAKEN Project. TU Graz will provide the privacy enhancing cryptographic framework relied upon by the self-sovereign identity (SSI) system to be integrated with the KRAKEN data marketplace.

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Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Consortium members of the KRAKEN Project. AIT are contributing towards the design and prototyping of the cryptographic primitives underlying KRAKEN and leading on the development of the project's privacy metrics.

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Data Union advisory board members are also members of RadicalXchange, giving some information flow between the two projects.

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KU Leuven

Consortium members of the KRAKEN Project. A research centre at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leuven. Responsible for the tasks concerning the legal and ethical aspects of the KRAKEN project.

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Atarca is a consortium awarded €2.75m by the EU in a competitive bidding process to research anti-rival tokens, a kind of token designed to increase in value when shared.

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Bosch Software Innovations partnered with Streamr to deliver a pilot project that gathered a range of electric vehicle data from a Jaguar I-PACE and shared it openly in real-time.

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Streamr's partnership with HPE saw realtime vehicle data integrated to the Streamr Network. HPE collected information in realtime from the communications “bus” in the car, including fuel consumption and location, to acceleration and gearing, which was then sent straight to the Streamr platform.

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WWF are co-founders of the Tracey project. They are providing access to two Fisheries Improvements project sites where pilots will be performed using the Tracey application. Other WWF activities include community engagement, on-boarding to the app, expert fisheries knowledge and access to global markets such as major retail chains.

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MPTC have been working with Streamr's commercial subsidiary TX to undertake a study that would assess the opportunities for engineering value from data produced by their various toll road assets and road users through direct and indirect data monetisation.

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Coordinator of the EU Horizon 2020 project KRAKEN. Atos is a large multinational IT service and consulting company working on integration of a self-sovereign identity solution with the KRAKEN data marketplace to be built on the Streamr Stack.

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Consortium members of the KRAKEN project. Lynkeus are integrating their blockchain-enabled MyHealthMyData system with the Streamr tech stack to power a GDPR-compliant biomedical and wellness data marketplace.

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Union Bank

Partners in the Tracey fisheries tracing & microloans project. UnionBank are providing crypto wallets, micro-loan assessments and delivery.

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Service partners


A subsidiary of Streamr AG, who provide consulting and development services to anyone building on the Streamr tech stack. Typically they will deliver any external technical projects like pilots or partnerships.

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Blockchain technical specialists helping to devise and test the tokenomics for the Streamr Network.

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Smart contract auditing professionals who provided security audits of the Data Unions smart contract.

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