Streamr Marketplace

Streamr Marketplace.
Real-time data on demand

The first application built on the Streamr Network, with a range of real-time data products from cryptocurrency feeds to pollution data. If you’re already in the business of selling real-time data, creating a product is easy. And if you’re searching for data for your canvas, application or Business Intelligence, dig in.

Quickstart Guide

Install Web3 wallet

Get Metamask

Get ETH via MyEtherWallet

Go To Mew

Get DATA via Uniswap

Go To Uniswap

Using the Marketplace


Selling on the Marketplace

On the Streamr Marketplace, you can start monetising any real-time data that you produce or own the rights to. Integrate your data, create a product and start earning DATA. Using the Core app, integrating your data and creating streams is simple.

Then just create a product from Core > Products. Set the name, description, category, and the price for your data and you are good to go. The video walks you through the Product Creation flow, and you can learn how to integrate data and create streams here.


Buying on the Marketplace

Once you have followed the Quickstart guide above, Marketplace purchases are pretty simple. Browse the product tiles, or use the live search to find exactly what you need. View details on the product pages. Make purchases with your wallet. Watch the video for a walkthrough of the purchase process.