Streamr Design

Here you’ll find all the design assets for representing Streamr digitally. Everything is provided under a Creative Commons sharealike license. Please try and avoid crimes against whitespace and wild flights of photoshoppery.

Logo Assets

Media kit

Get all our assets in one file, logos images and a simple brand guide.Download all our design assets in one file, SVG & PNG format logos, images and a simple brand guide.

Streamr logos

Main logo positive (SVG)
Main logo reverse (SVG)
Mark only (SVG)
Mark mono (SVG)

Design Assets


Writing an article, blog post or feature about Streamr that needs imagery? We've got you covered with a selection of images below, mostly featuring work by our illustrator Stuart Wade. All images at 1600 x 600 pixels.


If you're creating anything based on the Streamr brand, below are the references for the key colours used.

Streamr Blue
R13 G0 B154
C100 M100 Y0 K0
PANTONE Blue 072
Streamr Orange
R255 G92 B0
C0 M75 Y100 K0
Streamr Light Grey
R248 G248 B248
Streamr Dark Purple
R19 G1 B61
Streamr Dark Grey
R82 G82 B82
Streamr Charcoal
R50 G50 B50


Streamr's apps are open source, and so are the fonts. We use Plex Sans and Plex Mono, developed by Bold Monday for IBM. It is quite a large family, with plenty of flexibility and the companion Mono was especially useful to us in redesigning the patch-based UI for the Streamr editor to be more regular and consistent.

Streamr’s typefaces are Plex Sans & Plex MonoStreamr’s typefaces are Plex Sans and Plex Mono

Plex Sans Medium
1234567890 $£&
Plex Sans Regular
1234567890 $£&
Plex Mono Regular
1234567890 $£&