Data Unions —
The ethical new way
to sell user data

The Data Union DAO is a community of builders enabling people to sell their data with full transparency, control, and fair revenue sharing. Powered by the Streamr Network.

Create valuable datasets with full user permission
Reward your users by sharing data revenue
Incentivise creation of hard-to-get data

How do Data Unions work?

How do DUs work?

The Data Union Framework is a data crowdsourcing and crowdselling solution. Working in tandem with the Streamr Network and Ethereum, the framework powers applications that enable people to earn by sharing unique and valuable data.

Apps integrate with the framework, or build one from scratch. Users opt-in to pool their data into real-time streams listed on The Hub as a project for sale. When a buyer subscribes, the revenue is automatically distributed by a smart contract among all of the data producers.

The most valuable Data Unions will incentivise collection of datasets that may be otherwise difficult to source. Some examples include real-time health data, web user data, pollution monitoring, smart city data, and more.

Streamr technology powers the Data Union Framework, and the Data Union DAO manages the ecosystem of builders.

Typical revenue and data flows for a Data Union