Streamr is the missing real-time data protocol for the decentralized web

Publish and subscribe to cryptographically secure data streams with a few lines of code, trade real-time data on the Marketplace or try Core, our real-time data toolkit.

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Streamr looks forward to a data economy where humans, AI and other smart machines are all trading real-time data. Instead of personal data travelling through and being subject to the whims of unaccountable tech giants, it should be owned by its producers and travel through open-source, decentralized networks beyond the control of any single entity. Data should be securely owned, efficiently shared and fairly monetized.

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Streamr is being built by contributors around the world. Crowdfunded with $30M in October 2017, it is an open source project with the Network at its core, plus the Marketplace and Core apps. Functional versions of each component exist today, with full decentralization being our goal over the next few years. The project was started by real-time data veterans with backgrounds in algorithmic trading and finance markets.

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Streamr Network

Streamr Network

Streamr Network

P2P pub/sub for real-time data

The Streamr Network is a scalable real-time messaging system, which enables apps and devices like IoT sensors, cars, and other smart gadgets to publish the data they produce and subscribe to incoming data from other apps and devices — instant messaging for machines. It is simple to work with, the five lines of code below show how to send your data to the network.

Publishing data to a stream
streamr.publish('my-stream-id', {
    temperature: 25.4,
    humidity: 10,
    happy: true,
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Data points per second currently on the Network

Data Marketplace

Data Marketplace

Data Marketplace

Buy & sell real-time data

A storefront for the world’s real-time data. It categorises, bundles, sorts and showcases all available data, both free and commercial, on the Streamr Network, and acts as a single common interface for bringing together data buyers and sellers, who transact using DATA on the Ethereum blockchain. And no-one takes a cut.

  • Share and discover

    Share and discover

    Tap into a global pool of data streams

  • Monetise


    Get paid for the data you produce

  • Crowdsell


    Incentivize production of previously unavailable data

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Streamr Core

Streamr Core

Streamr Core

Visual editor for real-time data

Streamr Core gives you all the tools needed to create, process, visualise and sell your real-time data. Create a stream from your device, filter it with the drag and drop canvas tool, visualise it on a dashboard, or create a data product and sell it on the Marketplace.

  • Create


    Create streams, canvases, dashboards and products with a simple drag & drop UI

  • Collaborate


    Share, collaborate and publish your work

  • Integrate


    Build bridges between existing APIs and Streamr

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Market cap/USD
24h volume/USD

The DATA token is an ERC-20 token used across the Streamr platform. It is used for payments on the Marketplace, and it will power the incentive mechanism on the Streamr Network from the Tatum milestone. There is a total supply of around 1 billion DATA, and it is trading on many major exchanges.

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